Retro Bowl College

Dive into the thrilling world of college football with Retro Bowl College, the official spin-off of the beloved Retro Bowl game. This isn’t just another football game, it’s an experience that throws you right into the shoes of a Head Coach, charged with leading one of the 250 distinct College teams to glory. Each choice you take, in-game or out, counts.┬áIn college football, you’ll face challenges that test your leadership.

But the excitement doesn’t stop with management. Feel the adrenaline as you control your team in heart-pounding matches. Will you opt for the daring fourth down, or play it safe with a field goal? Do you trust your quarterback’s feet, or will you risk that forward pass? The ball is literally in your court.

How to Play

Navigate effortlessly through management menus with your mouse and take charge during matches, moving your player with W and S, and diving into action with A or D.

Tips and Tricks

  • Balance the Budget by being smart with finances, making decisions on recruiting new talents or retaining star players.
  • Keep Player Morale high as a motivated team often performs better on the field.
  • Employ varied strategies in matches, switching between forward passes and trusting your quarterback’s moves.
  • Master the art of diving with the A or D keys which can be pivotal in a game.
  • Always stay updated on player stats and team performance, and adjust your tactics as necessary for optimal outcomes.


Retro Bowl College was created by New Star Games, the same studio that created the original Retro Bowl game.


Retro Bowl College is also available on iOS and Android devices, ensuring that fans can experience the thrill of college football management on their preferred mobile platform.