Retro Kick Boxing

Discover Retro Kick Boxing by Giuseppe Calcagno, a game that combines the thrill of kickboxing with a classic retro arcade style. Available on both PC and the Apple App Store, it brings the old-school arcade vibe right into your hands or desktop.

In Retro Kick Boxing the game’s appeal is in its pixel graphics style, a nod to the classic era of video games. Each movement in the ring, from jabs to blocks, is enhanced by this vintage visual approach, making every match a visually striking experience.


Easy to control and fun to play, Retro Kick Boxing is accessible to players of all skill levels. You will find the game easy to control, ensuring that players of varying skill levels can start playing immediately.

Tips and Tricks

  • Practice controls regularly.
  • Watch and learn from opponents.
  • Balance attack and defense.
  • Perfect your attack timing.
  • Use combo attacks effectively.
  • Adjust tactics as needed.
  • Save power-ups for key moments.
  • Stay calm and think strategically.
  • Upgrade your fighter’s skills.
  • Enjoy the game and learn from losses.

Retro Kick Boxing invites you into a world where retro gaming charm meets the thrill of sports. So, put on your gloves, prepare to duck, jab, and land that perfect strike. Get ready to dive into the world of Retro Kick Boxing on your PC or mobile device. Are you ready to face the challenge and claim the title of the retro kickboxing champion?